I’m Jacob Hobbie, a software developer from Wichita, Kansas. I code, consult, build businesses, build relationships with people work to make my community a better place, and try not to forget where I came from along the way. Did I do a good job getting you interested about me? If you’ve read this far, then I’ll assume yes. Good. Keep reading to find out a little more about me.

I’m from Clearwater, Kansas, but I now reside in Wichita, Kansas. Here I manage my IT and consulting business, called The Tech Kitchen. I started the company during High School, when I was 18, thanks to the help of Youth Entrepreneurs. I not only use the company as an extra source of income on the side, but also as a way to provide IT services and consulting to people who may not have the means to pay a professional.

I’m an Alma Matter of Newman University, with a degree in Information Technology and Management of Information Systems. I graduated with honors, and was honored to received the Harvey J. Ablah award, an award that celebrates whoevest best embodies the mission statement of Newman University, which is the following:

Newman University is a Catholic university named for John Henry Cardinal Newman and founded by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ for the purpose of empowering graduates to transform society.

When I’m not being a professional, I’m having fun and getting work done. You can either find me playing on my Nintendo Switch, playing The Legend of Zelda, or Mario, or working on my side projects, like my podcast, Sleepless Nights.

Overall, I like to describe myself as a programmer with a love of humanity and communication, and everything else inbetween. If you made it down this far in my about page, I want to thank you! It was a lot to read, and it means you must have liked what you read! If you’re curious about what else I write about, you can visit the main page to read more. If you’re curious about my work, you can visit my projects page to see what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and what will come in the future! Finally, there’s the obligatory social links, which I’ll provide below:

Finally if all else fails, you’re always invited to send an email to contact@jacobhobbie.com to reach me.

Thank you again for visiting!