A Self-Hosted Blog

Hello internet.

For a while now, I've been working on a personal project to get a blog going. But I didn't just want to buy a domain name and then link the name to an external service. I didn't want to play under the rules of the just bought-out Tumblr, or the slowly dying realm of Medium, or even the laughably small size of Bloggr. No, instead as a developer and as a nerd, I wanted to self-host this thing using SSL and the best practices that I could figure out.

And here it is: Jacob's Blog.

It's nothing fancy, but it's a start. A place to put down all the thoughts that jumbled up inside of my head constantly, and a place to possibly test-run projects that I would like to start too.

Now this space might get changed a few times. I'm still learning Linux and general, and that's not mentioning how I'm going to renew my SSL certificate and run Ghost currently with the major file that I used removed from Nginx. But, we will struggle through this together and hopefully I can provide some thoughts, some entertainment, and some excitement for the future.

But I have one question for you: Are you ready?