TL;DR: You can add the action to Drafts 5 by going here!

I first found out about Drafts when I started following MacStories. There was this neat little review by Tim Nahumck on Drafts 5, the newest version of Drafts. I’d never heard of it before, but I was intrigued. I had already been introduced to Workflow, (soon to be Siri Shortcuts) by Federico Viticci, and I was easily becoming an automation fan! Since then, I’ve easily been a fan of Drafts, and the incredible work that Greg Pierce does with the app, so much so, I started to do some development work for it!

If you’re not aware of what Drafts is, at its most basic form, it’s just a note taking app. A really, really simple note taking app at that. One of Drafts’ main selling feature is opening a blank page every time you open up the app. It’s great for taking quick little notes and then forgetting about it. Another selling point, and arguably its biggest is its automation features, also called Actions! You can do an incredible amount of things with Drafts, like uploading to a web service, automatically adding text, formatting, and more! The best feature is easily being able to write actual JavaScript to run anything you can imagine, including using REST APIs, JavaScript libraries, and string manipulation on the text in your note itself. It’s a great way to make mundane tasks a little quicker, and test out your development skills…

Which is why I’m introducing DraftsActions!

DraftsActions is a directory for all Drafts actions I’ll be making, including ones that contain no JavaScript as well! That way if you like the code of an action I made, you can take it and freely modify it if you like! All my actions will also be published in the Drafts Action Directory, with a link to the published action in each folder in DraftsActions.

In DraftsActions, I’m announcing my first ever Action as well: Send a Website! This is a really basic script, and my first, that enables someone to quickly type in a name, an email or a number, and send them a website quickly. I made this as a way to share my website, (where you’re reading this), but you can use it to send any quick snippet of text if you edit the script. For instance, you could send a blob of contact information, you could send a portfolio website, or the info on your company or charity you support! All you need to do is edit the text, and it works! The script even automatically detects whether you typed in an email or a phone number and changes its actions accordingly. I’m sure there are bugs, and I’m sure I’ll have to revisit it at some point, but for now, I’m very happy to have it as another project in my GitHub, and something I can share with the community. You can use the URL in the Action’s README, or look at the script to learn, modify it, whatever you’d like!

I’m very excited to announce this, and more scripting projects that I’ve been working on as well. If you found this useful, I’d love for you to let me know! You can @ me on Twitter, or better yet, let me know about developer jobs that you know about. I’ve just graduated and I’m still looking for jobs in my field. Help would be appreciated!

Anyways, I’m signing off for now. Enjoy your day!

UPDATE: 10.5.18 I recently decided to remove the Action I published to the Action Directory. I think that QR codes are now more handy for sharing contact information, and I stopped using the Action. The code is still available for anyone who wants to copy and paste the action themselves at the GitHub link.