My name is Jacob Hobbie, and this is the first post on HobbieBlog 2.0! Welcome! has had a little bit of a history. It first started as a Tumblr site, which looked gorgeous, but gave control of my content to other people, and was personally embarrassing for me as a developer to have. If I code, I should be able to make my own website at least! That led to me creating my first ever static site, which was the first version of my unofficial portfolio site, (you can find it here). After that, I decided to move on to Jekyll! A friend of mine from High School suggested it to me, and being a fan of past recommendations, I tried it. I fell in love. I love having the simplicity and speed of static sites along with quickness of blogging. Instead of building an entire new HTML file, correcting hyperlinks, and adding it into an organization system myself, I write a blog post, as I’m doing now, add the tagging information at the top, run jekyll and that’s it! I might look into other systems like Hugo in the future, but considering how many times has changed in its short history, I think it might stay like this for a while.

So, what will this website have? A little bit of the old, and a little bit of the new. As always, I’ll be using the website to show off my projects, and my personal achievements. In addition to that, I love talking, and I think I want to transition that into writing. Therefore, all sorts of things might be posted to this blog. Whether it concerns technology, people, theology, philosophy, or more, it all might be here, depending on what I want to talk about. And it’s also an invitation for you to talk with me! If you have a quick response, you can reply to me on my Twitter. If you have a lot to say back, or just want to say it in private, you can email me at my inbox. Overall, I believe having discussions with all sorts of people, including people who we don’t agree with, makes this world a much better place, since it introduces new perspectives that we didn’t originally think of. I’m happy to continue that thought process with my blog.

Anyway, that’s it I think. Enjoy what is (hopefully) the final restart of HobbieBlog, (aka


Jacob Hobbie