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Welcome to the blog!

It’s taken a long time to finally get to the point where I’m happy with the quality of the website but we are finally up and running! Knowing myself, there are going to many changes and additions from here on out, but I’m ready to take this blog finally from beta to release! (I even went ahead and started backing up my server, so I’m in this for the long term now).

Here I will be posting a variety of things. I might talk about some code that I’m having trouble with, or even had trouble with. I might be posting papers from school that I liked the subject of and my discussion about. I might post episodes of podcasts that I’ve created, or even ones that I just really like. And some days I’ll post something that means nothing and I just wanted to share with the world in a personal way.

In any case, thanks for joining me here, and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. God knows I’m trying to figure it out myself.

For now, this is Jacob Hobbie, signing off!